Hope for Expired Real Estate Listings

Most of the properties I list and sell have been previously listed by other agents- and haven’t sold. These are known as expired real estate listings. When I meet with the homeowners to discuss trying to sell again we talk a lot about their previous experience. Many owners of expired real estate listings are frustrated, some are angry and almost all feel like there is no hope.

The sellers I met with last night are no different. I met them last July at an Open House I was hosting. They had just signed paperwork with an agent to sell their home and were out looking at homes that might suit their family. They were full of hope and excitement for the future. The home they were in was just way too small for their large family. What a surprise when they emailed me last week! Their home didn’t sell in the six months they had it listed and they felt hopeless.

I met with them last night to talk about what we can change (condition, pricing) and what we cannot change (market, location). Part of my job is to offer hope- and to outline a plan to successfully market and sell a home. I think that by sharing stories of past clients who were in their exact shoes and who are now living in their new homes, I brought a little optimism to them. There is definitely hope for expired real estate listings- never give up!

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