What’s Your Motivation?

As a real estate agent, it is important to know what my clients’ motivation is as well HOW motivated they are.  My team classifies our buyers and sellers as A, B & C clients. This ensures that our motivation matches our clients’ motivation.

A Buyers: must move within 60 days. They are relocation clients, sellers whose homes are under contract and closing soon and tenants whose leases are expiring. These buyers are preapproved, have made full application for a loan and drive by properties before requesting to see the inside. They get our undivided attention and we will schedule appointments for them before B or C clients.

A Sellers: are relocating and have a move date scheduled, regardless of whether their home sells. They are aggressive with pricing and take every suggested step to get their homes ready for the market. We are as aggressive with marketing as our sellers are with motivation and pricing. These sellers will have priority for Open Houses, Broker Open Houses, etc.

B Buyers: would like to move within 3 months. They have a place to stay if they can’t find the right place but they prefer not to have to do that. They are preapproved and ready to place an offer if they find the right home. B buyers also make up sellers whose homes are in the negotiation process and not under agreement yet. Their needs take precedence over “C” buyers

B Sellers: would like to move within a time frame of 6 months. They are somewhat realistic about their home’s value but are pricing it a little over for “negotiation room”. These sellers take priority over our C sellers.

C Buyers: don’t need to buy but like looking at properties. They are our C sellers whose homes haven’t sold, random internet inquiries, and only mildly motivated (by our standards). C buyers are directed to Open Houses to preview properties but are not ready to go out on actual showings with a Buyer’s Agent until they are in an “A” or “B” status.

C Sellers: don’t have to sell and won’t sell unless they get a price predetermined by them and not based on any current market data. These sellers typically take the figure they paid for their home, add in all of the improvements they have made and want to price it as such- with disregard for the current market. These sellers are often referred to as “testing the market” to see if it will bear their price. The Fecteau Group traditionally turns down the opportunity to work with these sellers until they are more realistic about value.  If we do choose to work with these sellers, they are given the benefit of our full Marketing Plan, with the understanding of what the true market value of their home is.  “A” and “B” status listings will take precedence over “C” listings unless there is a motivation change.

You can see from above that it is important to share with your real estate agent your motivation level- especially if it changes.


If you are looking for a mortgage or preapproval, call or email Sarah Haberkorn (SHaberkorn@envoymtg.com (866) 536.3487)
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