5 Ways Not To Sell Your Home

downloadSO many people are looking for tips on how to sell their homes, how about how NOT to sell your house? Do these 5 things and ensure your home remains on the market indefinitely.


1. Don’t clean or declutter

You’ve accumulated 20 years of treasures in your home- your shelves are brimming with meaningful trinkets. Buyers are going to have to see past that because you have no intention of touching any of it. The colors you have painted your home- mauve and teal- are your favorite colors. If a buyer wants them a different color, they will have to do the painting.



2. Pick your own price

You know what you paid for the property and how much money you have put in it since you purchased it in 1972. That total is exactly what your home is worth and you will not accept a penny less than that. The media keeps boasting about it being a seller’s market and you are going to take full advantage of it!


3.  Get emotionally involved

You are seriously offended by any offer that comes in less than full asking price. Isn’t the buyer aware of how much time and money you have poured into this house since you bought it? They are lucky they even have the opportunity to purchase it. If they aren’t offering full price, you won’t even consider them.


4. Don’t listen to your Realtor’s advice

Realtors make tons of money selling homes and yours is just another on the list. Realtors will just try to get you to drop the price of your home so it sells quickly and they can collect their commission. You aren’t playing into their game, listening to their market stats and data. You’re the boss.


5. Sell it yourself

Nobody knows your house better than you, and certainly not some pesky agent. You will try to market and sell your house yourself and save a few thousand dollars in the process. That will show them!



Sometimes it’s just fun to write up a fun blog post. If you are interested in actually selling your home, contact me on the form below.

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