Isagenix-day one

I promised I would share my honest experience using Isagenix- so I figured the blog platform would make it easier for anyone who wanted to follow along to do so. If you are not familiar with Isagenix, neither was I a few weeks ago. A girlfriend posted on Facebook about how she did this cleanse/weight loss program and had fantastic results and so I figured I’d give it a go. 2 other friends are doing it, too- and are actually 4 and 5 days ahead of me in this. The cleanse can be done for 9 or 30 days. I am going to go for as long as I see fit- 30 days max.

I should note that I am also doing a 30 day challenge with BodyRock. If you haven’t heard of Lisa-Marie and Bodyrock TV- check it out- click here for the workout I did today. This challenge has changed my body visibly- and within 5 days of starting. She offers them for FREE, has an AMAZING body and is a very positive and motivational person. I stumbled upon her site while browsing Health and Fitness on Pinterest and am SO glad I did.

Ok, so onto Day 1. If you want to read more about the “plan”- go here. Today is a “Shake Day”. I will admit that I am breaking the rules a bit. I had coffee this morning and I am not giving up the occasional glass of wine. I had my vitamins and shake in the morning as directed, and a “snack” (which I will describe in a later post) mid-morning. I drank a ton (maybe 5 bottles?) of water and then at noon my stomach started growling . I did my workout and just had my “lunch” shake and mid-afternoon supplements. So far, so good. Tonight I am going to have salmon, rice and veggies as per the plan. Tomorrow is a new day. I can say that as of right now I feel fine,and am not hungry.

Questions? Feel free to comment!

5 thoughts on “Isagenix-day one

    • They are not bad. I am used to the RTD Myoplex shakes by EAS. In comparison, Isagenix shakes are not very sweet and a little thicker. I shake them with room temp water in my GNC shaker. I have had the Isolean Vanilla which tastes like it has a hint of cinnamon, and the IsoPro chocolate which isn’t very chocolatey or sweet, but palatable.

      • Isagenix also has no artificial flavorings which do sweeten the many of those shakes on the market!!!! It is a complete, branched amino acid nutrient dense shake with supplies over 70 plus minerals and vitamins.. Pure undenatured whey protein, too…. Love it!!

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