Condo Living

3rd Unit to the right on the end

5C Nature’s Lane- a condo in Berwick

I recently received a text from a buyer asking about a listing I have on Bobcat Lane in Berwick, ME. It’s a cute ranch-style home in a small, private neighborhood. After telling her about the listing, I asked about her financing and mentioned that the home is considered a detached condo- to which she replied- “A CONDO??!!! That’s not a HOME!!!” That reaction startled me. Why would someone be so opposed to a condo? Is there some stigma about living in a condo that I’m not aware of? Turns out, no, there isn’t- that lady was just a whackjob.

Now I mentioned that home is a detached condo- which means that they are single family, detached homes. In this development, they own the land they sit on, they don’t share living space, driveways or storage areas. They are considered condos because of zoning restrictions and for planning purposes. Owners pay $30 a month for road maintenance, insurance and common space maintenance. One would never know they are condos.

5 Bobcat Lane- A detached condo in Berwick

I personally live in a condo. I LOVE living in a condo and here’s why. On the weekends, I like to climb mountains and go on trips. Sometimes I have to work all weekend but what I never have to do is worry about the lawn being mowed or the snow being plowed and shoveled. If my roof needs replacing, guess who pays for it? Not me. Well, not me entirely. My condo dues are used to budget for things like maintenance and future projects. I love that I could afford something larger and more modern than I could if buying a single family detached home. The community I live in is wonderful. Neighbors are always watching out for one another and the kids always have someone to play with.

Wingate Condos in Berwick

I realize living in a condo isn’t everyone’s dream. I honestly never thought I would like it as much as I do -I’m a lover of privacy and the great outdoors. What most people don’t realize is that you still can have your privacy and enjoy everything New England has to offer- and more so if you live in a condo!

One thought on “Condo Living

  1. Nichole,

    Very well said! My mother lives in one of these developments. I’m glad to know she isn’t responsible for mowing or raking. As I am spending my afternoon raking and bagging leaves, I wish I lived in a condo. Great Blog:)

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