I’m Not Your Competition

Rumor has it there are real estate agents who are mad at me. I was told I have a “bad reputation” in town according to agents from another real estate brokerage. They are actually telling prospective new agents that the way I do business is not the right way to do business.

I bet you’re wondering what it is that I am doing that is so evil and has so many “competitors” chattering about me. It must be really unethical and immoral…. Well, sorry to let everybody down, but it’s not. I’m simply branding my name and marketing in the town I want to do business in, the town I live in. I’m sending out flyers explaining my services to potential clients and offering them services above and beyond what others are offering, and for no extra cost to them. I am also offering them a choice.

Sounds like how a business should be operated to me.

So what I want to say to these real estate agents is this; you should not be afraid of what I am doing. There is plenty of business for all of us- I am going after my fair share. I am not your competition. What we offer are two completely different experiences. When we are across the closing table from one another, having successfully completed a sale together in our community, you will be smiling, I promise. You will be happy to know me- as I share my commission 50/50 with cooperating brokers (which is NOT common in the State of Maine.) Often, I pay my co-broke MORE than I am making- ask around- they will tell you. My clients will tell you.

Rather than trying to talk bad about a fellow real estate agent, why don’t we try to put some deals together. Let’s use all of that energy for good, not cutting people down. I know when I hear these things, it only means I am making an impact, and energizes me to take it to the next level.

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