The Ins and Outs of Real Estate Commission- Negotiating it, Paying it

Bringing this post that I wrote in January back for an encore.

Nichole Fecteau


Is real estate commission negotiable?

Everything in life is negotiable! Real estate agents charge anywhere from 3% to 10% and beyond. Typically the amount of commission you are charged is related to the services provided and type/price point of property. For example, land listings, commercial listings and mobile homes are often charged a higher percentage than typical single family stick-built homes.

While commission can be negotiated between the seller and Agency, be wary of the agent who is quick to give up commission just to get the listing. How quickly will an agent negotiate away your money if he/she can’t even negotiate to keep their own?

What does commission pay for?
Not just the $900/month Mercedes payment your agent is stuck with. Agents use commission to fund their marketing and advertising. If your agent is sending out postcards announcing that your home is for sale- that runs a couple of…

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