Where the h*ll is Penny Pond in Berwick, Maine?

The Berwick Trails Committee has made it a mission to develop a recreational trail on some town-owned land in the area bordered by Sullivan Street,  Logan Street, Old Pine Hill Road and Dobson Road. This is known as the ‘Penny Pond’ area, though many people in town have no idea how to get to Penny Pond. (The title of this blog is a direct quote from my neighbor Bob.)

Since we won’t be able to start work on the trail until the snow clears, I decided to scope out the property on snowshoes and solve the mystery of where the h*ll is Penny Pond.

We entered from Sullivan Street,  across from the woods behind the library.  It is a little wet there but perfect this time of year. 

We headed right (toward Mark Circle,  Logan Street) and then back toward Old Pine Hill. There was a nice snowmobile loop there that we followed for a while. 

We were at a loss- there was no Pond to be found… until we went just a little further. We found Penny Pond almost 300′ off Old Pine Hill Rd.

It was just as I had heard it described- a small area surrounded by scrubby brush, perfect for ice skating.

This is our route (I stopped it after we got home.)

I will try to post something better when I’m back in front of a computer.

Go out and check it out! There are 2 other access points I can show to anyone interested.

Feel free to message me for more information on Berwick Trails or our committee.

2 thoughts on “Where the h*ll is Penny Pond in Berwick, Maine?

  1. I am thrilled to death that you are helping to save Penny Pond. I grew up in those woods. I can even tell you who the initials carved in this tree represent! If you need help, I am here.

    Jonathan Donahue
    Newton, Ma.

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