Berwick Trails Committee January Meeting Minutes

wpid-20131227_154814.jpgTrail Committee Meeting 1/15/2014
5:30 Town Hall

Members in Attendance:

Dave Andreesen
Craig Plaisted
Michelle Manning
Jacob Burgess
Nichole Fecteau
Kate Gardoqui
James Theriault
Mike Burgess
Brian Rhodus
Joshua Matthews
Christina Richardson
Beth TheriaultNichole Fecteau gave a short introduction and then introduced Jacob Burgess, Eagle Scout hopeful

Jacob Burgess-
showed us a map of the area, indicating his intended trail and talked about his plan to construct the trail from Dobson Rd to Sullivan Street starting in March and ending in early June.

We then talked about ways the Trails Committee could support Jacob. One way we can help out is to make trail signs, pointers, blazes, and name the trails.

Kate Gardoqui, Noble High teacher of the Nature Writing Class is looking to involve her class in making 3-4 signs to guide people to understanding the woods around them. Kate and her class will scout out the area via a few field trips and identify unique where the signs should be located. The signs will be PVC signs printed with illustrations.
Having been turned down for one grant she applied for, she is working on getting some money from Hannaford for the project.

Michelle Manning, an abutter on Logan Street, spoke of her concern about “undesirable” people using the trail and trail safety. Dave Andreesen, who lives on Dobson Rd concurred with her concerns. We brainstormed about how we could involve the local police department, possibly adding a bike patrol to that area. We also could use trail cameras in areas that are prone to trouble, if that becomes an issue. We all agreed that we want to foster a respect for this land and that the more people we have using it for its intended purpose, the less undesirable activity we will see.

We talked about parking. We need to ask permission from the Library to allow parking in their lot for trail use. We don’t anticipate more than a few cars at a time using the lot for trail parking. Jacob will pitch to the selectmen- a crosswalk from the Library and increasing the shoulder on Sullivan Street to allow for safe foot travel. Parking on Sullivan Street is also an option in the Spring/Summer/Fall.Christina Richardson has been in touch with the Portland Trail Committee and has information to share.

Current goings on at Penny Pond: Snowshoeing access and ice skating are perfect activities for this time of year and we would like to get the community out there using the area now. Mike Burgess will make a temporary sign for Penny Pond that we will place on the side of Sullivan Street. Nichole Fecteau and Joshua Matthews will flag the route for snowshoeing into the pond to allow easier access before the trail is completed.We talked about the need for a Trail Committee Facebook page to update on trail conditions, ice conditions and trail work call to actions. Jacob, Joshua and Kate would all be interested in being administrators of the FB page. Kate can get the involvement of her students as well. This may help get more locals involved in the process.

Beth and Kate talked about having geocaching available.
The site would be registered on and a volunteer would plant a couple of Geocaches in the woods. This is a popular hobby and would bring in people from out of town to explore our Penny Pond trail area.

Christina Richardson- wants to explore using Letterboxes in the area- similar to geocaching but no GPS needed. A rubber stamp in in a weatherproof box and finders of the letterbox stamp their books.

Brian Rhodus thought that upon completion we should try to do a race/run of some sort.
possibly a Boyscout sponsored run- fun run?

Nichole is looking to identify a co-chair and, if necessary, a secretary to prepare the agenda and minutes for the meetings. If interested, please send Nichole an email
Next meeting is scheduled for February 12 at 5:30 in the Town Hall.

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