Friends of the Berwick Riverfront January Meeting Notes

Friends of the Berwick Riverfront
5:00 pm

In attendance:
Kim Taylor
Virginia Charron
Kim Taylor
Scott Richardson
Nichole Fecteau
Joshua Matthews
Dennis Dupuis
Craig Plaisted
Vicky Ware

Jay Wheeler from Sewer Dept. has reached out to Dennis. He indicated that the funds may already be allocated to bring sewer to the building. Dennis asked for him to put a proposal in writing that indicates the costs in case the funds are not allocated.

Craig Plaisted is working on the “building” portion of the project. Building will need building, electricity. Craig showed a picture of his vision. There is a Montana company that has red cedar log kits but they are panels instead of logs. We will have to put it on stilts/sonitubes with lag bolts potentially. We are going to keep sustainability and flood levels in ind when designing/constructing this building. The one we are looking at is18x24 with a porch on the front of it. It will have seasonal water/sewer. The cost is $20,000 for the building and we don’t have a price for delivery. Could also use split log siding if the building cost is too high.


Craig will price building, electric, plumbing

Vicky Ware- shared that when the flooding hit, the majority of it came from behind Hall’s Roofing and took out Rochester Street before the actual river rose at that spot.

Need to call Joe Rousselle about new flood level building ordinance.

Old building dimensions: 30×42

Dennis- on the GWRLT land at Tuckahoe- they had 16 cars in a small area- he estimates 12 cars will easily fit on the parcel.

Genest quote for blocks that will make an 8’x75′ ramp including Duragreen block, stone dust, gravel and a paved path= $1800

We need to think about making the building accessible with a ramp.

Scott Richardson- has been looking into grants
-501c3 status needed to acquire most grants.
LL Bean doesn’t give unless you are 5013c
KTP may be a possibility
other sources: maine outdoor heritage fund which is funded by lottery tickets. He has a message into Dept of Conservation to see if they would sponsor the grant. Grant would be requesting materials for ramp and signage. Scott needs to submit a one page summary by the end of this month and application by the end of February.
Scott will be working on a 5 page formal proposal. We would be applying as the town. Because it’s a grant, 1/3 cash match would be perfect. In-kind contribution could include labor.

Full proposal should outline all of the steps including DEP visit, Town’s Committment to fund, etc.

Public Access: Permit By Rule (DEP package) Chris Coppi is the DEP contact

Name of Project: The Landing (Newichawannock “river with many falls”)

Vicky Ware: question- how do we police issues on the river. Game Warden polices the area but he has all of York County. Can the Police Dept get a boat?

Nichole and Virginia will do some research in the State of Maine- what is allowed on the river and what changes could be made. Patrol, limit motors. Virginia will talk with Game Warden.

Bob Flynn- Had a problem like this on his pond. Identify who are the culprits and go after them. Install a camera?

Vicky- are we looking to offer winter access? no.

Talk to Somersworth and see what they have brainstormed as far as policing the area goes. Maybe we could work together on this.

Kim will get us on Selectmen’s agenda February 18

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