4 Unique Ways Your Agent Can Find Your Next Home!

If you are in the market to buy a home right now, you may be feeling the pressure of not finding exactly what you are looking for on the market. Every morning you sit with your cup of coffee and look at the new real estate listings on Realtor.com and hope the right house will be there. What you may not know is that there are a few creative things your real estate agent can do to improve the chances of you finding your perfect home.

Nichole Fecteau

Nichole Fecteau

1. Attend Real Estate Caravan Tours

You may have seen this on HGTV. A group of real estate agents tour one another’s listings in a community to both provide feedback for their sellers and to preview for buyers. If you are working with an agent that specializes in the area you are looking in, this is a bonus. Your agent can preview 10-15 homes in a few hours. Sometimes your agent will find a home you may not have considered otherwise but fits perfect!


2. Call Expired Real Estate Listings

Sometimes a great home doesn’t sell the first time around. If you have exhausted the market, your agent can look to homes that were for sale but never sold. There is no limit on how far they can go back- I have gone back 2 years to find the right home for a buyer. Once your agent identifies homes that were listed but didn’t sell and you screen the list, they can call the owners to see if they have any interest in selling. They aren’t always willing to sell but it’s worth a shot!

Nichole Fecteau

3. Call a Neighborhood You Love

If you know where you want to live, but there isn’t a home for sale in that neighborhood, there is hope! Your real estate agent can call around or knock on doors and see if anyone may be looking to sell. Sometimes, a few people will be willing to have you come look at their home. You just never know unless you ask.


4. Visit Auction Sites

Some homes that have been foreclosed on will go to auction but aren’t listed on MLS. You or your agent can visit auction sites like www.hubzu.com or www.auction.com and search for homes that can often be purchased at a deep discount. You don’t always need cash for a transaction like this, either. Many banks will work with buyers to finance auction purchases. It helps to have a great lender who is very familiar with 203k and other rehab loans. The Fecteau Group recommends Sarah Haberkorn at Envoy Mortgage.

Nichole Fecteau


Don’t be limited by what is listed on MLS- by thinking outside of the box, your real estate agent can find a great home that isn’t even on the market.


If you are interested in working with a real estate that goes above and beyond- contact me today! I always go the extra mile for my clients- whether they are buyers or sellers!



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