I moved!

I’ve had some people ask recently about my transition to the Bedford, NH and Portland, ME Keller Williams offices. While where my license hangs has changed, my clients and customers can rest assured that they won’t notice much of a difference besides the address of my broker on my business card. I am still happily serving home buyers and sellers in Southern Maine and New Hampshire and I still live in beautiful Berwick, Maine.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Bedford, NH and Portland, ME market centers for all they offer my business, and in turn, my clients. The Bedford, NH Keller Williams office is headed up by Alan Rice and Team Leader Mark Mulcahy, two top-notch professionals. This market center is the #1 real estate office in the State of New Hampshire- so you can clearly see why I chose this place to hang my NH real estate license. I want to associate with the best of the best- not just the most convenient place to work.

Similarly, the Portland, ME market center is the #1 real estate office in the State of Maine. Headed up by Mark Richard, a true leader and a true gentleman. This market center dominates in sales and training. Again, it is very important for me to associate with the best in the business.

nichole fecteau

One really cool thing about Keller Williams is the belief system this company is run by. They call it the WI4C2T’s and it stands for

  • Win-Win – or no deal
  • Integrity – do the right thing
  • Customers – always come first
  • Commitment – in all things
  • Communication – seek first to understand
  • Creativity – ideas before results
  • Teamwork – together everyone achieves more
  • Trust – starts with honesty
  • Success – results through people

The leadership at the Bedford and Portland Market Centers don’t just “talk the talk,” they “walk the walk” with the belief system. It is really amazing to see it in place and in action. This is why I chose to associate with these market centers above all else. The culture is evident from the moment one enters the doors. At these offices, we truly are a family.

So, if you’re looking for me- I’m still here in Berwick plugging away, volunteering in the community, heading my committees and being a mom (oh yeah, and selling some houses!).

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