Penny Pond Trail, Berwick, ME

Here is a link to a (shaky) video of a walk down the Penny Pond Trail in Berwick, ME in October.

Penny Pond Walk

The Penny Pond Trail is on a large parcel of land owned by the Town of Berwick that borders the downtown area. Two trailheads allow access from the library or Dobson Road with a third trailhead on Logan Street being planned for the future. This trail will be vital in fulfilling the Townspeople’s vision of a safe, walkable trail network connecting the downtown area with the outskirts of town.

In the Spring, Summer and Fall, this trail is a delightful place to stroll or even walk your dog. Recently installed bag holders at both trail heads provide a means to clean up after your pup (please bring it with you) or help beautify the trail and our streets be removing litter. Thank you to Robert Flynn, member of the Berwick Trails Committee, for crafting and installing the bag holders. In the Winter, members of the committee shovel Penny Pond (a shallow but wide pond) for ice skating and the trail is perfect for easy snow shoeing.

Check it out sometime and post your experience here!

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