Brownsfield Advisory Committee Holds First Meeting In Berwick, ME


Everyone that drives through Berwick, ME in their daily commute notices the giant eyesore that is the former Prime Tanning building(s). These buildings occupy a 13 acre site that is directly in the middle of what should be “downtown.” Through years of work, the Envision Berwick Committee has secured 3 grants that will allow for the cleanup of parts of this site. Yesterday, November 12, 2015, was the first meeting of the Brownsfield Advisory Committee. I am honored to represent the Berwick Planning Board as a member of this important committee.

The purpose of the Brownsfield Advisory Committee is to promote community outreach, gather community input and give partner insight into the project. The chairman of the committee is John Stoll, Berwick Town Planner. Other key figures of this committee are Rip Patten, Environmental Engineer and Program Manager; Johnathan O’Donnell, Engineer and Project Manager; and Rick Vandenberg, who will be in charge of the demolition design.

Rip and Johnathan work for Credere Associates, LLC and Rick is with Weston and Sampson. Both companies have won awards for this type of work and have worked together successfully in the past. Some projects you may be familiar with are the Woolen Mill in North Berwick or the Mill Building in Sanford.


There are some environmental issues already identified at the site through testing. They include:

PAH’s (a petroleum chemical in heavy oils, from burning fossil fuels)
-buried tannery waste, scraps of hides
subgrade soil vapor: chlorinated volatiles (dry cleaning, solvent chemicals)
-groundwater contamination (perchloroethylene, chromium)

Inside the Buildings-

-universal waste (lighting, batteries, fuel tanks, electronics)
PCB contained building materials/paint is highly likely though not positively identified yet (boiler rooms, high moisture situations)

The grants the Town has received are for $200,000 each (with a $40,000 in-kind requirement) and are for lots 4,5, and 6. A map of the lots can be found here. Civil Consultants of South Berwick are preparing an existing conditions survey which will mark out the lots on the property (some lot lines are inside buildings.)

Ready to see some action in downtown? You will soon! Here is the schedule of work. Note that Winter 2015/2016 is planning and paperwork, etc.

Spring 2016
Phase 1 (abate asbestos, demo buildings, look under slabs)

Summer 2016
Phase 2 (addressing source area soils that need to be removed *removal soil gas source, etc)

Phase 3 *Pending* (development ready to start)

I will be updating with more information as I get it. For renderings of potential development in the downtown, check out this post A Vision For Downtown Berwick or What’s Going On In Downtown Berwick?



Nichole Fecteau, Realtor 207-251-9535
About Nichole Fecteau:

I have lived and owned in Southern Maine for over fifteen years. I raised a family in Berwick, ME and my children attend the SAD 60 school district. When not listing and selling property, you can find me enjoying the mountains and lakes of Maine and New Hampshire. I am an avid hiker and have logged countless miles on the Appalacchian trail. I particularly like the rugged Northern Presidentials. Not only do I carry a backpack and tent on the weekends, I can also be found with my fishing pole in the water of backcountry rivers and ponds. My personal motto is “work hard, play hard!.”

I began my real estate career when my youngest son was about to enter Kindergarten. Sales has always been a passion of mine and I considered homes the ultimate items to sell. Once I got my feet wet in the field, I realized that Real Estate is less about sales and more about connections and helping others realize their dreams. I was hooked right from the beginning. I love helping both my clients and colleagues realize their dreams. Each day I walk into my office energized and ready for a new start with fresh challenges and rewards. My passion is selling expired listings- quickly and for top dollar. I focus on Southern Maine and am licensed in NH as well. Nothing makes me happier than giving homeowners hope in selling their homes where they thought there was none.

For information on buying or selling, or for any other inquiries, please email or call/text 207-251-9535.

2012 & 2013 Associate Leadership Council
2012 & 2013 Technology Committee Chairman
Martha Squires Award
Rising Star Award

2010 Berwick Library Committee member
2011 Berwick Recreation Committee member
2013-present Friends of the Berwick Riverfront Chairman
2013-present Berwick Trails Committee Chariman
2015-present Berwick Planning Board member
2015-present Berwick Brownfield Steering Committee member

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